Inaugural Post

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog of my own, and so I’ve finally gotten around to it. I’ve missed the quasi-journalistic quality of blogs. It’s different and fun to write for an audience (or, at least, write as if you had one). The demotivating factors are, of course, that I’d much rather journal and I’m constantly worried that I’ll say something not very PC and then also become famous.

Anyway, I suppose I became motivated to start my blog after I made up my mind to eventually drop the services of Facebook and Google (a story for another post). What if someone really, really, really does want to know about the vagaries of my life?

Well, first, they should call me. But after that, I guess they can come here. By the way, I’d like to note at this time that vagaries will be the only things you will discover here. Perhaps I will write something prescient about the human condition in some post, but it’s doubtful it will be something personal. This is the internet, after all.

So, I suppose a couple of people might be wondering about my online moniker, thought courier. What exactly is that about? Well, Thought Courier is a card from a trading card game that I used to play. It doesn’t look like that great a card on the surface, but it is extremely good. Mechanically, you can use it every turn to draw a card into your hand of playable spells, and then you discard a card of your choice. To explain why it’s so good, you can think of it as taking the worst card from your hand and replacing it with the average card in your deck. Every turn. This creates a subtle “card advantage” that will eventually bury your opponent.

As great as the mechanics are, the flavor of the card is so much better. It’s because we have thought couriers in real life. Virtually anyone who tries to teach or analyze anything is a thought courier. I’ve often thought of my role in many communities as a thought courier; With my facts and experience, I help people discard their bad ideas and form better ones.

Draw a new idea, then discard your worst one.


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