I’ve recently been a little obsessed with getting a beta key for the Blizzard online card game Hearthstone. I’ve been a Magic the Gathering Online player since the beta and I play tons more online than I do offline. I hear Hearthstone is a lot less complex of a game, but Magic wasn’t so complex back in the day either. Once they got a player base, they were able to develop more and more interesting mechanics, or maybe they had to; to keep people interested.

Anyway, I’m genuinely interested because MTGO is a peculiarly bad piece of software. MTGO has a very unique set of problems for a game, so I’m hesitant to rate the developers poorly, but it really does not work very well. Part of that may just be that the mechanics of the paper game it came from is difficult to translate to online play. Hearthstone, on the other hand, will have no such problem. They can adapt the cards to the game engine however they want, and they selected the mechanics of play beforehand so that it’s manageable to program (I hope).

Anyway, for some reason, even though open beta is just around the corner, keys on the internet are selling for $20. I’m going to wait this one out.


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