Become Less Ironic, Give Blood.

Just thought I’d pop in here with some quick thoughts. It’s been a couple busy months, and so I’ve neglected to spend time to think about sharing something useful.

Anyway. Today, while giving platelets with the Red Cross, I discovered that after 4 years, my iron levels have fallen from abnormally high (~19.5) to barely acceptable (~12.6). I forgot to download an interesting movie to watch, so I had two hours to sit and ponder the significance of this. I’ve been giving blood every two months since discovering my peculiar ailment. Of course, some time ago, I found out that iron overload is not that uncommon at all. I should probably cut back, especially since I think I may need some of my red blood cells soon, so I can be more athletic.

Somewhere along the way, I also got pulled into doing platelet donations. If you need to veg out for 3 hours, it’s a pretty efficient use of time to give platelets. And it’s even better when you usually lack the discipline to stay still, because there’s 2 needles in your arms making you stay still. I heartily recommend everyone try it at least once; giving feels good. Also, I think you get a t-shirt your first time.

The Red Cross and blood donation is probably a business I could write or talk more in depth about if I wasn’t busy thinking about other things. The economics are pretty awesome, the staff has some pretty interesting stories, and there’s plenty of soft evidence that it makes a positive impact on society. But I have to cut it short. I guess I’ll just end with the thought that I think spending retirement volunteering at a blood center would be awesome.

(Oh man, I cut  this post so short, I forgot to post it)


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